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Quran Memorization​

Quran Memorization

Recite and memorize the Quran at your own pace with our adaptive curriculum. There’s no fixed schedule…

Reading: Noorani Qaida, Noor Al Bian Book, and Quran​

Reading: Noorani Qaida, Noor Al Bian Book, and Quran

In this course, our aim is to guide you in mastering the basics of reading the Quran under the direction of…

Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies

The curriculum covers multiple facets of Islamic knowledge, including Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence…

Speaking and Writing Arabic

Speaking and Writing Arabic

This Arabic language course is divided into three distinct levels, each designed to cater to different…


Learn Tajweed

In this comprehensive Tajweed course, you will embark on a transformative journey to master the art of…

Maqamat Learn


Recite and memorize the Quran at your own pace with our adaptive curriculum. There’s no fixed schedule…

Quran Online

Ready to learn!

Unlock the treasures of wisdom by learning the Quran.

Islamic Studies​

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can enroll through our website or by contacting us via email or Whatsapp.

Yes, we offer a free first class for all new students to try our services and get familiar with our teaching methods.

Online learning takes place through advanced educational platforms that provide virtual classrooms and necessary study materials on Zoom or Google Meet.

All our teachers are qualified and experienced in teaching the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences. They hold a degree in the Holy Qur’an and are carefully selected to ensure the highest levels of quality in education.

You can pay fees through different methods, including online payment, PayPal, bank transfer, and other available methods.

Yes, we provide accredited certificates upon successful completion of the courses.

We provide best solutions

Enjoy an exceptional educational experience with Kuttab Online Academy, where we offer a range of features that make us the optimal choice for Quran memorization and Sharia learning online

Customized and Personalized Education

We provide tailored education to meet the needs of each student, with personal follow-up and continuous guidance from experienced teachers, ensuring maximum benefit from the courses.

Flexibility in Time and Study Schedules

We offer flexible study schedules that accommodate the varying time commitments of students, allowing them to easily join and participate in courses at their convenience.

Qualified and Experienced Instructors

All our instructors are qualified and experienced in teaching the Quran and Islamic sciences, ensuring the quality of education and delivering content professionally and comprehensibly.

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