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Hifz Quran Online for Adults & Children

Our Hifz Quran online course is designed to help students (both adults and children) memorize the entire Holy Quran or specific parts of it. Our experienced and professional Huffaz, who hold Ijazas, provide support to each student in achieving their Quran memorization goals.

This course aims to attain the Itqan level in Hifz Quran online through one-on-one classes. Adult students can also learn advanced topics in Qiraat with the objective of perfecting their Quran memorization (Itqan).

Quran Hifz Program Kids

About This Quran Memorization Course

This Quran memorization course offered by Kuttab Online Tutoring is designed to help you memorize and learn the Quran with Tajweed for sisters and brothers, kids, teens, and adults.

How to Memorize Quran

Your teacher will first ensure that your recitation of the Quran is correct and that you are reciting it with proper Tajweed. Mastering the recitation of the Quran is crucial before starting the full memorization process, as this will facilitate easier memorization.

Quran Hifz Program

The Quran Hifz program at Kuttab Online Tutoring is among the best, with highly qualified Quran teachers from Al Azhar University, known for its great history in teaching the Quran, as well as other renowned Quran institutes.

What You Will Learn

  • Memorize the entire Quran
  • Study the correct Makhareg (points of articulation) and their Sifaat
  • Apply the rules of Tajweed
  • Proper recitation of the Quran

Goals of This Course

  • To memorize the Holy Quran
  • To master reading and recitation of the Quran, including the proper recitation techniques
  • To correct the Makharej and pronounce each letter from its correct point of articulation

Online Quran Memorization Course

Learn the Holy Quran from experts who have mastered the art through years of experience. Our team of well-qualified and learned Quran teachers can answer all your questions, including how to memorize the Quran quickly.

Understand the Quran, Not Just Memorize It

At Kuttab Online Tutoring, our teachers will help you not only with Quran memorization but also with building your understanding of the Quran, so you can apply its principles in your daily life. It is our utmost priority to instill the principles of the Quran in your life and help you evolve as a true Muslim.

Enroll Now to Make the Most of This Opportunity

Learning the Quran can be challenging, but with the expert teachers from Kuttab Online Tutoring, who employ state-of-the-art techniques and work diligently to help their students understand the basic concepts of the Quran, it becomes more manageable.

How to Memorize Quran Quickly

If you want to become proficient in the Quran and learn how to memorize it quickly, enroll in our course right away! We promise that you will gain everything you expect from this course.


This Quran Memorization course is suitable for all levels and ages, so there is no need for any prior knowledge before enrolling. After your free trial class, you will be placed in the appropriate level with the best-matched Quran tutor.

Quran Online

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Unlock the treasures of wisdom by learning the Quran.

Hifz Quran Online Ijazah

Ijazah, linguistically meaning permission, technically refers to the authorization to narrate through a validated chain of narrators. In this course, Quran learners can obtain an Ijazah from a certified tutor.

The tutor will grant the learner an Ijazah for Quran memorization once the learner has memorized the entire Quran in the tutor’s presence while applying the Tajweed rules.

Quran Memorization Ijazah (Certificate) Requirements:

  • Memorize the entire Holy Quran as narrated by Hafs upon Aasim from the way of Shatibiyah.
  • Pass the Tajweed rules exam.

Learning Goals:

  • Accurate memorization of the Book of Allah.
  • Understanding the general meaning of the verses.
  • Learning the reasons for the revelation of the verses.

Course Programs:

Students can choose from one of the following programs:

  1. Memorizing the last Juz (Juz 30).
  2. Memorizing the short Surahs.
  3. Memorizing selected Surahs.
  4. Memorizing the entire Quran (Ijazah).

Starter plan

Begin your Islamic learning journey with access to essential features, ideal for those just starting out on their educational path.

$ 99 Month
  • Up to 5 classes per month
  • Learn from expert teachers
  • Personalized feedback and guidance
  • Basic progress tracking and analytics

Unlimited plan

Immerse yourself in Islamic knowledge with unlimited access to classes, perfect for dedicated students seeking to accelerate their learning.

$ 150 Month
  • Unlimited classes per month
  • Learn from expert teachers
  • In-depth progress analytics and insights
  • Choose from a wide variety of subjects
Quran Memorization​ | Mfaza

Learn to memorize and recite the Quran with Tajweed for all ages. Expert teachers from Kuttab Online Tutoring ensure accurate recitation and understanding. Enroll now!

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